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This Week at ZMS...

For the week of October 12-16:


This week in class the 7th graders will first begin with looking at how salt affects the ocean currents.  After that they they will look at surface currents and how they affect weather.  We will end the week by doing a brief reflection over all of lesson 5 followed by a "make-up" workday on Friday.


This week in class the 8th graders will be taking a further look at Newton's 2nd Law by experimenting with acceleration and mass.  We will then start a new lesson and introduce kinetic energy.  We will end the week by doing our first experiment on kinetic and potential energy. 



This week in 7th grade math we will review multiplication and division with rational numbers. Students will also learn how to convert fractions to decimals. Once we have reviewed these concepts, we will begin working on a study guide where students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge.     


This week in 8th grade math we will begin working with square roots. Students will learn how to approximate the value of square roots and how to then place the square root in its appropriate location on a number line.


Social Studies

In 7th grade Social Studies the students will continue to learn about the Lewis and Clark expedition and a young woman named Sacagawea and their adventure in Washington State.  We will also be discussing and presenting information on the Whitman mission and the positive and negative effects that settlement had.


In 8th grade Social Studies we will continue to expand our knowledge of the Native Americans in North America and how they adapted to their environment.  We will be discussing the different regions (Northern, Western,  Plains, Eastern, and Southeastern people) and how their cultures impacted the way they lived.



In Nutrition the students will demonstrate the ability to apply health knowledge & social-emotional learning skills to make reasoned decisions and take appropriate actions relating to personal health and well-being (meal tracking and evaluating).

In P.E. the students will continue to apply knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics related to movement and performance.



8th Grade-

Students will be reading a passage from Roald Dahl titled "Going Solo."  Then, they will examine the character closely to find out how he feels.  After they have established the emotions of the character they will write a page of dialogue between two people that will show emotions.


7th Grade-

Students will be analyzing propaganda from the Chinese Revolution and to build an understanding of the setting and context for "Red Scarf Girl."  We will also read the prologue of "Red Scarf Girl" to gain an understanding of Ji-Li (main character) and what kind of person she is at the beginning of the story.


Mr. Towne:

This week in 7/8 ELA: We will read a brief history of the Yakama Nation to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day.  We will write spooky stories about haunted house snapshots.  We will turn in our final drafts of our narrative “Fun Memory” essays.

This week in 8th Math: We will study the elimination method for solving equations.

This week in 7th math: We will add and subtract fractions.