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This Week at ZMS...

For the week of March 22 - March 26: 


This week in class the 7th Graders will be presenting the PowerPoint projects they have been working on. After presenting, they will start working on a new project. This project will test their ability to construct a zoo for their given organism.  

This week in class the 8th Graders will be proving they know the vocabulary words associated with lesson 2. We will then review and prep for their lesson 2 quiz that they will take. To end the week the students will start Lesson 3.  



7th grade students will start off the week with a retake on the triangle assessment.  We will then work on angle relationships.  We will finish the week with 7G5 study guide.  


8th grade students will be working with Venn diagrams and probability next week.  The students will finish the week up with a quiz on probability concepts.



7th grade distance learners will be focusing on goal setting along with aerobic workouts & stretching.

In person learning will be working on soccer drills and games.




This week in 7th grade ELA, students will complete their study of Phineas Gage and begin a new subunit. Students will begin reading experts from Oliver Sack’s The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. We will continue to learn about medical oddities and what they reveal about the way the brain works.


This week in 8th grade ELA, students will continue focusing on the Olympics of 1936. Students will learn how Olympic champion Jesse Owens challenged the Nazi theory of Aryan supremacy.