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Zillah Middle School is committed to providing all students with a quality educational experience that will assist them in future opportunities. Education is a cooperative effort and the responsibility of teachers, students, parents, and community. Our purpose is to assure learning experiences which facilitate development of skills, competencies, and attitudes. These are fundamental to achieving personal satisfaction and growth as a responsible, contributing citizen. Our school attempts to develop a student's individuality and foster a positive self-concept based upon the value of his/her efforts and recognition of his/her achievement. The education process will also respect the uniqueness of each individual and teach all students to respect themselves and others.



  1. To increase student performance in the classroom by examining methods, curriculum, objectives, and standards.
  2. To improve the communication process among teachers, parents, and students by using standard grading practices, progress reports, conferences, and calls to parents.
  3. To focus on the success of students, the staff will use positive reinforcement whenever possible by providing meaningful learning opportunities for the students.
  4. To develop consistent, clear building policies for all students by the development and clarification of handbook policies which will provide equitable standards for everyone.
  5. To provide a challenging, positive, fun experience to all students in 7th and 8th grade.
  6. To prepare students for the transition to the next level of learning.
  7. To make learning fun and challenging.